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Do you love Ashtanga Yoga but you find it difficult to practice or keep up with? Rocket Yoga may be just what you need if you are looking for something similar, less challenging, smoother and easier to follow.

What is Rocket Yoga ?

Rocket Yoga takes the traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice and breaks down the typical rigorous moves into a much more simple and less demanding practice. When joining a Rocket Yoga class you can expect the sequence to still include common postures from the traditional Ashtanga practice and be able to gain the benefits of such a challenging yoga style with a simpler approach. During a Rocket class students can actually modify a pose or even skip postures while moving to the next one if they are not able to keep up with the flow.

Rocket Yoga Classes and Workshops

Created in the 1980’s by a man named Larry Schultz, Rocket Yoga was his idea and attempt to make Ashtanga more available to other practitioners in the West. Because many find the typical flow of Ashtanga Yoga challenging this gave Rocket Yoga its popularity allowing those who still want a fast-paced dynamic practice to be able to enjoy a smoother and more simple style while in class. Mr. Schultz named his method ‘ROCKET’ because in his own words it “gets you there faster.” Like Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga still includes key postures from the 3rd and 4th series of a typical Ashtanga class, however, it is a 3 part series that leads students slowly into a full and ready fitness preparing them for the more difficult sequences of an Ashtanga class. One thing that really makes Rocket Yoga stand apart is that it takes away the idea and concept that one must do the poses in a specific order, whereas making it okay to only practice the asanas you feel comfortable with without having to follow a demanding “step after step” format. Rocket Yoga has even become popular for those with limited physical abilities or physical problems because of its smooth process and flexibility in terms of asanas.

If you are in search for a yoga style such as Rocket Yoga because you are new to yoga, then you should fully understand that this is a three-part series and why it is broken down the way it is so that you know what to expect as you progress. Series one of Rocket Yoga is quite like the first series of Ashtanga in the sense that it includes core strength, hip openers, and forward bends with some extra special “Rocket Moves” like inversions and arm balances, which you will learn in the class. Series two is a more modified version of the second series of Ashtanga with backbends, seated poses, and spinal exercises. When you are ready for it, series three finally brings together everything you have done in both Rocket one and Rocket two allowing you to build strength and flexibility. Dani Burlison from the New Bohemian Magazine said: “Rocket yoga promises to get students to fitness nirvana faster” and that is exactly what you can expect to gain from this truly adaptable and life-changing yoga style.


Rocket Yoga Teacher Trainings

All this information about this unique style of yoga may have just made you realize that Rocket Yoga would be a great choice to choose for a Teacher Training and if that is the case then you are in luck! In honor of Larry Schultz, many of those he trained and mentored throughout his years have carried on his Rocket Yoga tradition and now offer various teacher training courses throughout many parts of the world. Mr. Schultz always believed that his students should be allowed to have their own personal expression in their training which has led to this incredible style of yoga being kept alive and continuing to grow ever more popular. Courses can be found ranging from 25 hours to 200 hours depending on how far you wish to take the training or learn. Popular events and Teacher Training are being held across places such as the UK, Spain, China, and Thailand. 

One popular studio that has adopted this style and continues to incorporate the teachings of ‘Rocket’ is Rocket Yoga Madrid. Here you can find a variety of classes and events being held as well as take the opportunity to join in a Rocket Yoga class and experience what people across the globe are raving about. Classes can also be found across several studios in London. The time is NOW to get up, get out there, and experience what Rocket Yoga is all about!


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