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Qi Gong It is a method to achieve enlightenment through the use of traditional Chinese medicine techniques, which comprise the mind, breathing, and physical exercise.

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Qi Gong originated in Asia about 7000 years ago, as a form of prayer and communion with nature. The Chinese character ‘QI’ means the vital flow of energy while ‘GONG’ means work or technique. So Qi Gong can be translated as the work of vital energy or the art of circulating vital energy. The Qi Gong Yoga style can be practiced for hygienic, therapeutic purposes or for spiritual purposes.

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The practice of Qi Gong proposes three processes of harmonization. These processes are: regulate the body, regulate the mind (heart) and regulate the breathing in order to regulate the Three Treasures: the essence (Jing), the breath (Qi), and the spirit (Shen). There are different techniques of Qi Gong, some with movement and others static. But all of them bring enormous benefits, because its practice improves health, relieves pain, eliminates stress, anxiety, and depression which helps to have more energy and vitality.

It generally takes several years to really master the technique of Qi Gong and this can vary depending on the frequency of your practice. You can earn a Qi Gong Teacher Certificate and there are plenty of Qi Gong Teacher Trainings, from 100 hours to 2500 hour trainings. There is a lot to learn, like its theory, fundamentals, philosophy, holistic practice and lifestyle itself.


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