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Online classes, workshops and trainings with a real live instructor.

BookingYoga.com was created to practice wherever you are following online live classes from international teachers, all over the world. Find online yoga classes, online workshops and online teacher trainings to go deeper into your practice.

You Will Fall In Love with BookingYoga.com

Easily find an online live class or a course. Use the filters to find the style, the topic or the spoken language of your instructor.

You can compare a wide range of online live classes, prices, write and read reviews from authentic yogis. Contact your teacher and ask all your questions for free before booking.

Book your next live experience through our secure payment methods. You will get the direct link by email and connect easily to your live class.

Discover the BookingYoga Live Online Experience

BookingYoga.com is a marketplace for Yoga teachers and courses organizers to share their live classes, workshops and teacher trainings, while having a database of reviews from students.

At BookingYoga.com we connect yogis and have offers from the best yoga teachers and training centers around the world. Our mission is to get you the best quality yoga experience ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

BookingYoga.com is a marketplace of live, interactive virtual classrooms delivered by the Zoom application right to your computer or mobile. Live Online classes are led by expert certified, experienced instructors who deliver compelling learning during conveniently scheduled class times. You and your class peers interact with the instructor and each other in ways that engage your attention so you learn more. It’s the ideal way to get the benefits of a physical class without the time and expense involved in traveling to a class location.


Save money

With affordable class pricing and no travel expenses.

No setup required

Just access to high-speed Internet. Connect from your home here you are comfortable.

Save time

The instructors comes to you! You pick the class time that fits you.

Meet the community

Enjoy with real-time interaction with instructors and peers.

Learn better

You choose what you need to learn from a wide range of classes.

Booking Yoga
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